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These publications resulted from the Product and Technology Review service sponsored by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and managed by the WSU Extension Energy Program from 1998-2008. The service addressed the energy saving claims of products and technologies of interest to electric utility staff in the Pacific Northwest. Engineers reviewed published literature for objective, independent test results; described the technology, discussed available data, and suggested additional testing needed to verify energy saving claims. No primary testing was conducted.

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Technology Reviews

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  • Acadia Heat Pump™: an air source heat pump optimized for use in cold weather areas. 2007

  • CA-1 Condenser Amplifier: an add-on mechanical device used to reduce compressor load and increase efficiency of small- to medium-sized refrigeration systems. 2007 [notes]

  • Circuit Rider CR-Max : an electronic power conditioning device. 2007 [notes]

  • Compress Shield® : a refrigerant oil additive designed to reduce friction and increase heat transfer. 2006

  • CoolerMiser™ : a device that controls the operation of stand-alone beverage coolers. 2007

  • DeltaPValve™ : an industrial-grade, pressure independent, two-way flow control valve for use in hydronic heating and cooling systems in buildings. 2006

  • Electrical Harmonizer™ : a device to mitigate over-voltage, save energy, improve power quality including harmonics, and reduce voltage unbalance. 2006

  • Energy Director™ : an equipment controller designed to reduce electric peak demand charges. 2007

  • Energy Saver™ : an energy management system that can reduce voltage being supplied to lighting or turn off lighting as appropriate. 2005

  • FAN WALL Technology™ : an approach to air handler design using smaller fans. 2004

  • Frigitek® : A controller designed to reduce the energy used by evaporator fans in refrigeration systems. 2008

  • Insuladd® : a ceramic-based additive for paint that helps reflect radiant heat. 2007

  • MicroPlanet Voltage Regulators® : home and business voltage regulators. 2006

  • Motor Voltage Controllers : Power conditioning devices for motors. 2007

  • PaceController™ : A digital controller for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration applications. 2008

  • Principles of Heat Transfer: Supplement to Heat Transfer Product Reviews. 2007

  • Turbocor : a frictionless, oil-free, variable speed, centrifugal compressor designed for mid-size chiller applications. 2006

  • Ultra CBF rFOIL™ : a radiant barrier for concrete slab foundations. 2007

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